Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Post #6

Podcasting is something that I have not been exposed to until now.  I assume that we will be making our own podcasts in class today, which I am looking forward to doing, if true.  I agree with the aspect of the article that suggests that students are much more engaged when they believe that what they are doing is important.  If students are creating podcasts that are going to not only be heard by their teacher and classmates, but also an international audience, they are much likely to put their absolute best efforts into the creation of their projects. 

If students are creating podcasts using programs such as Audacity, it is not necessary for them to record what they have to say in only one sitting, which is a very good thing.  It is very natural to be nervous when speaking in front of an audience, so it is not surprising that recording at a professional quality in one sitting is rare.  With programs such as Audacity or Garageband recordings can be completed one sentence at a time, meaning someone can record one sentence, press stop, wait until they are ready to record the next sentence, and then press record.  Also, a sentence can be recorded a number of times. 

In a Japanese language classroom, I might have my students do a Culture Presentation Podcast, or else I might have them do a Podcast on a biography of a famous historical Japanese person.   The possibilities are endless.

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